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Yuri Lowell
Yuri Lowell.jpg
Game Tales of Vesperia
Hometown Zaphias
Age 21 (turned 22 in the PS3 version)
Height 180 cm / 5'11"
Race Human
Occupation Brave Vesperia
Weapon Swords, Axes (main)
Gloves (sub)
Japanese Voice Actor Kosuke Toriumi
English Voice Actor Troy Baker[1]

Yuri Lowell (ユーリ・ローウェルYuuri Rooueru?) is the main protagonist of Tales of Vesperia, the tenth title in the series. He is a young man who lives in Zaphias, the Imperial Capital and acts as a bodyguard to the people down in the Lower Quarter. Yuri also marks the titles' first protagonist who acts like a villain. He is a former knight, turned-vigilante.


Yuri wears a completely black clothing, which is quite unusual for a protagonist, with a brown-colored belt around his waist. He also wears a pair of greyish, long boots. He has a long, black hair, according to the official artwork. However, in the game, his hair is more of a purple hair rather than black. His bodhi blastia is used as a bracelet around his left wrist.


Yuri is cynical and sarcastic, and has a hatred towards nobles, due to their treatment towards average people. Similar to Jade Curtiss in Tales of the Abyss, Yuri likes to tease others, especially Karol Capel and Rita Mordio. Even so, he acts like a big brother towards the party, specifically Karol. While the other protagonists grew up along with their journey, Yuri has a more fully-formed personality. He changed very little over the course of the story. He also prefers to solve smaller problems rather than larger ones.

Apparently, Yuri is the oldest protagonist in the series, and is the second-oldest member in the party. He already has awareness about the world, and is able to think more rationally rather than other protagonists. Also, he appears to be the only protagonist who doesn't develop a romantic feeling to the main heroine, Estellise Sidos Heurassein. This maybe due to Yuri doesn't understand "female psychology" as stated by Flynn Scifo to Estelle.


Before the Main Event[]

A few years before Tales of Vesperia begins, Yuri and Flynn joined the knights together, but with different motives. He left the knights after 3 months because he couldn't stand their attitude and corruption, while Flynn stayed. He got his bodhi blastia as a memento of the captain he and Flynn once assigned to. After he quits from the knights, he returned to Zaphias. Since he has no place to return to, now he lives in the inn at the Lower Quarter.